By Breanna Sarkissian

Mosquitoes are certainly certainly one of, if not essentially the most, annoying insect on the planet. A mosquito's bite can and usually does ruin all outdoor functions during the spring and summer months. That's not me going to bore you with the biology of mosquitoes, but what I will do is supply you with the knowledge along with the tools you'll need to control them.

Top ten Mosquito Control Killers

1. Mechanical Control - This is how you should always start. Mechanical control happens when you remove the mosquito's source of breeding. If there isn't any places for mosquito larvae to hatch and be adults, you've just eliminated a lot of the problem. Old tires, flower pots, regularly, bird baths, clogged gutters and impressions in the earth are all ideal mosquito breeding havens. Remove water after rains from anything the will hold moisture. Repairing screen doors, door sweeps, etc will eliminate access points into the house.

2. Mosquito Repellent - There are many mosquito repellents available on the market. DEET is usually the main ingredient, but anything over 20% is often a waste. So read the label carefully before choosing. Lotions like Skin so Soft, and other brands of Citronella goods like Tiki torches and bucket candles are also very popular.

3. Mosquito dunks - Mosquito dunks certainly are a larvicide which kills the mosquito larvae by preventing them from growing into adults, and even contaminating the larvae's eating place (bacteria, algae etc). Some mosquito dunks can be quite costly. Only use dunks in standing stagnant water that doesn't go away. Please look at LABEL before applying, because it's not created for large bodies of water.

4. Mosquito Trap / Magnet - The mosquito magnet (also known as a mosquito trap) may be the Cadillac coming from all mosquito control systems. Mosquito magnets are propane operated and have to have the use of Octenol or Lurex (determined by what types of mosquitoes are in the area you reside). The combination of CO2 and Octenol mimic an individual breath, which experts claim attracts mosquitoes on the location with the trap. In case you spend considerable time outdoors, you need to seriously consider one of these simple. The Skeetervac mosquito trap can also be very effective.

5. Mosquito Net / Netting - Mosquito nets have become popular for outdoor events including camping. Netting is available in all forms from gazebos, head netting as well as styles for sleeping outdoors. Netting is extremely good, but again, treating the origin is always the most effective.

6. Mosquito zapper - Here is the easy way out, however, not the best type of mosquito control. Although it's cool to listen to mosquitoes get electrocuted while throwing down a cool one, mosquitoes aren't as at risk of lights like moths and also other insects.

7. Mosquito Fogger - Mosquito fogging is not a long term solution, but will give you quick relief. Mosquitoes are territorial, so fogging will kill adult mosquito populations very fast, but is not a longer term solution. Wind can be another factor, therefore the wind speeds are above 3mph, fogging are not as effective, if at all.

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